Tuesday 10 February 2015

Weekly Update - Director QA Edition


With board elections around the corner, I thought I'd answer a couple of questions that sometimes come up regarding running for the board.

Q. What sort of responsibilities and liabilities do I take on if I join the board?

A. volunteer.ca has a great high level summary here: http://volunteer.ca/engaging-board-members. It's really not that scary so long as you follow the three basic principles listed there.

Q. Do we have directors' and officers' liability insurance?

A. Absolutely! We'd be insane not to. If you'd like to see the details, just let myself or any of the current board know.

Q. I haven't been groomed for leadership by the shadow cabal that secretly runs SkullSpace. Should I still run for the board?

A. Yes! As per usual, the shadow cabal has failed to groom anybody for leadership! We consider this failure nearly as egregious as the cabal's continued failure to exist.

Q. Am I cool enough to be on the board?

A. Oh man, have you met any of the past board members!? We're not exactly shining examples of cool. For example, I relax by watching old episodes of The Mindy Project on Netflix. Ron spends hours of his life painting mini-figurines for a game he doesn't even play any more. God only knows that Justin Lacko does in his spare time. Cool isn't required on the board.

Q. Are you trying to tell me that those mini-figurines aren't cool?

A. Okay, you got me there - those things are awesome.

Q. Damn right they are.

A. Hey, stick to asking questions.

Q. Fine. How do we get our name on the director ballot?

A. Email Nathan Wild! He's handling the electoral process this year.

Upcoming Events (2 Week Scope)

All of these events are on the SkullSpace Calendar. Check it out for more details!

Sunday February 15th - Mark Jenkins Birthday: Potluck, chess simul, and movie

A belated 2^5 -1 birthday party for Mark Jenkins.

7pm -> Potluck dinner (classroom)
7:45pm -> Mark vs everybody (willing) chess simul (classroom)
9pm -> Pitch a Movie (lounge)

All Skullspace members welcome (not a public event), bringing a gift or food not necessary.

Note, alcohol is not permitted at Skullspace and Mark isn't a drinker.

New Stuff

I'd like to send my thanks to everybody who's been troubleshooting our internal network over the last week. Extra special thanks to Les of Les.net for donating an awesome 48 port switch!

Edwin found his old iClicker! He also found it to be wonderfully hackable. Give him a shout if you want to use it for something fun:

Meeting Agenda

6pm, February 10th, 2014
2nd Floor - 374 Donald Street
  1. Call to Order
    1. Ring the bell!
    2. Introductions
    3. Reading of Old Minutes
  2. Old Stuff
    1. Financial Update
    2. Cleaners Update
    3. Papers We Love Winnipeg
    4. Upcoming AGM
  3. Cool stuff
    1. Open show and tell
  4. It's over!