Wednesday 2 February 2011

Mega-Meeting follow up

Last night at the Lo Pub we had our largest meeting ever - 16 people showed up! Lots of new faces, ideas and enthusiasm! We discussed the status of the physical space, and we are currently waiting on the wonderful City of Winnipeg to re-zone it, as it's currently zoned for restaurant purposes. Once that's in place, it's a matter of getting insurance and renovating - in other words, we're on our way to opening SkullSpace!

There was talk of partnering with small businesses to create a 'Prototype Space'. The space would feature complicated and otherwise inaccessible tools - CNC machines, laser cutters, etc. The idea is to allow community access to business-grade tools, things that a normal maker would not have access to. This talk naturally led to several ideas about binding legal agreements, especially when it comes to theft, vandalism and access to (future, potential) dangerous tools. All in all, SkullSpace policy seems to be shaping up very well, and we should be able to hit the ground running when the space opens.

Upcoming events:
HACKATHON: February 12, noon. Location pending. It will either be in vacant office space, at the University of Winnipeg, or if both options fall through, the event will be held at the ends of the earth (Mak's place).

CODE CAMP: We are pleased to announce that SkullSpace will have its own track at Winnipeg Code Camp! The event goes down February 26th, and we'll have our own room! Be sure to make it down, have a few pints, and listen to the awesome talks by fellow SkullSpace members!

There are a ton of action items to work on, and if anyone wants to help I'm sure Ron will appreciate it

All the other info from the meeting is available on our wiki.

So that's about it for Wednesday morning, and as usual I'll leave you all with a link. Anyone into locks and lockpicking should enjoy it :)