Tuesday 25 November 2014

Weekly Update: Festivus Edition!

Those of you who tried to attend last weeks meeting may have been thinking "This is an awesome space, but where is everybody?" Well, I'll be honest with you: we cancelled the meeting on the spot so we could all run down to a bar and celebrate a member's birthday. Because when it comes down to it, we're all about shamelessly picking the option that's more fun.

Speaking of options that are more fun, Hacker Jeopardy tickets are here! Swing by tonight to pick up tickets to the best thing happening in Winnipeg on the night of December 6th!

We're also holding a Festivus Party at the space this weekend! It's a great chance to show your family and friends what you get up to.

Swing by to tonight's meeting to learn more! We'll try not to get distracted by birthdays this time.

Upcoming Events (2 Week Scope)

All of these events are on the SkullSpace Calendar. Check it out for more details!

Saturday November 29th - Festivus Party

Celebrate November 29th at SkullSpace! Bring your friends for a big open-house at the space. There will be music - but none of it will be Christmas music! There will be cookies! There will be more cookies! This is a great opportunity to show off the space to friends and family.

Saturday December 6th - Hacker Jeopardy: Ron's Revenge

SkullSpace legend tells of a man named Ron. A man who built SkullSpace with his own bare hands... and with the help of the bare hands of a lot of other people. Personally, I used gloves for most of it.

Not content just presiding over SkullSpace, Ron joined forces with a man known only as Mak. Together they wrote questions - challenging and puzzling questions that would be inflicted upon the people at SkullSpace. And thus, SkullSpace's Hacker Jeopardy event was shamelessly ripped off from DEFCON born.

On December 6th, Ron is back. And where Ron goes, jeopardy follows.

Join us at the Ralph Brown Community Center! Tickets are $10!

Sunday December 7th - Board Game Day

Come down to the space this Sunday for our semi-regular mostly bi-weekly card/board/tabletop having day! Drown out the harsh reality of the nip of fall in the air by throwing down with some friends. Raise all the sheep, eat all the meeples, plot all the routes, buy all the houses, conquer all the countries and cast all the spells!

SkullSpace will be open for gaming from 11am to 6pm. Bring a game to share or play one from our extensive collection. Come on down, bring a friend. See you there!

New Stuff

Robert is interested in running a talk on CouchDB and PouchDB! Let him know if you're interested in listening to a talk on CouchDB and PouchDB.

Videos of talks from last year's Security BSides Winnipeg Conference are now online!

Meeting Agenda

6pm, November 25th, 2014
2nd Floor - 374 Donald Street

  1. Call to Order
    1. Ding dong merrily on high
    2. Festive greetings and introductions!
  2. Heart-warming tales of the last meeting
  3. A visitation from the Ghost of Meeting's Past
    1. Comp-sci hackathon recap
    2. Blog update/apology for lack of blog update
    3. Vending machine update
  4. A visitation from the Ghost of Meeting's Present
    1. Door access issues and stranger danger
    2. Ron's Revenge - Hacker Jeopardy
    3. Festivus Party!
  5. Presents!
    1. Open show and tell
  6. It's over!