Tuesday 9 December 2014

Weekly Update - Tonight's SkullSpace meeting is guest-starring Ron Bowes


Last weekend was an interesting weekend for us at SkullSpace. Ron came back from the states for a visit! Hacker Jeopardy was inflicted upon us! Some of us even escaped a nuclear meltdown - or whatever the puzzle equivalent of one is.

But the fun is not over yet! Tonight we're having a very special SkullSpace meeting! Former-president-for-life Ron Bowes will be attending, and possibly running tonight's meeting.

He just doesn't know it yet.

Upcoming Events

All of these events on on the Skullspace Calendar. Check it out for more details!

Saturday December 20th - Hackathon: 24 Pull Requests

This holiday season, we're going to give people the gift of code. In conjunction with 24pullrequests.com we're going to get together for a day of giving back to the open source projects that have made our lives better. We'll be a pack of caffeinated hacker Santas, delivering joy to open source projects around the world.

New Stuff

Hacker Jeopardy was fantastic! Thank you all for coming out! On a personal note, I'm happy - and a little bit shocked - that you guys didn't completely destroy any of the new Jeopardy hardware.

Eight of us went to check out therealescape.ca. We're proud to report that we survived with plenty of time to spare, although we didn't quite snag the record time. All in all, I'm impressed with the quality of the puzzle.

Meeting Agenda

6pm, December 9th, 2014
2nd Floor - 374 Donald Street

  1. Call To Order
    1. Ring the Bell!
    2. Introductions!
  2. Reading of the minutes
  3. Old Stuff
    1. Hacker Jeopardy Recap
    2. Real Escape Recap
  4. New Stuff
    1. 24 Pull Requests Hackathon
    2. Epic Video Game Doubles Quadrathalon Tournament
    3. Financial Update
  5. Cool Stuff
    1. Open show and tell
  6. It's over!

After the meeting, a few of us will be heading over to Vertical Adventures for wall climbing. Anybody is welcome to join!