Tuesday 13 January 2015

Weekly Update - Frostbite Edition


It's cold outside. Outside is a stupid place to be. Come to the space tonight and hack things with us instead.

Upcoming Events (2 Week Scope)

All of these events are on the SkullSpace Calendar. Check it out for more details!

Friday January 16th - January Hackathon: Ghost In The Shellcode

Join us as we spend the weekend working on the challenges in one of our collective favourite CTFs! Beginning on the evening of Friday, January 16th and going mostly non-stop through Sunday evening. http://ghostintheshellcode.com/

Sunday January 18th - Board Game Day

Come down to the space this Sunday for our semi-regular mostly bi-weekly card/board/tabletop having day! Drown out the harsh reality of the painful winter winds by throwing down with some friends. Raise all the sheep, eat all the meeples, plot all the routes, buy all the houses, conquer all the countries and cast all the spells!

SkullSpace will be open for gaming from 11am to 6pm. Bring a game to share or play one from our extensive collection. Come on down, bring a friend. See you there!

Sunday January 25th - The Basics of Music Theory and Notation

I found this fantastic description in the calendar:

This presentation will be intended to provide the basics of how to read music, and will also cover rudimentary elements of music theory. Areas covered include: The twelve pitches; clefs; accidentals; scales; key signatures; intervals; rhythmic notation; time signatures; basic chord progressions.

But I prefer to think of it as an intro to making cool noises.

New Stuff

Need a new video card or power supply? Colin will hook you up!

Our friends and former room-mates over at Innovation Alley have a documentary premiere on the 16th! Check it out for a fun piece of Winnipeg history.

Are you a lady? Do you want to learn how to code? You're in luck! Ladies Learning Code is holding an Event this Saturday called "Winnipeg: HTML & CSS for Beginners: Learn to Build a One Page Website From Scratch." Spots are going fast!

Meeting Agenda

6pm, January 13th, 2015
2nd Floor - 374 Donald Street

  1. Call to Order
    1. Bell Rings
    2. Introductions
  2. Reading of the minutes
  3. Old Stuff
    1. Cleaners
    2. Introduction to Linux
    3. AGM is in one month!
  4. New Stuff
    1. Ghost in the Shellcode
    2. Ladies Learning Code
  5. Cool Stuff!
    1. Open show and tell!
  6. It's over!