Friday 11 March 2011

SkullSpace the t-shirt! SkullSpace the coffee mug!

During our budget committeetask force meeting last night we came up with some fund raising ideas. One of those was to offer merchandise with the SkullSpace logo/brand. We settled on cafepress to make things simple and thus SkullSpace merch was born.

Since the primary function of this is to raise funds for SkullSpace, we decided to markup all items by $5. What this means is that for every item anyone orders from the SkullSpace cafepress storefronts, SkullSpace makes $5. Not too shabby.

We are offering two different sets of items. One has what we refer to as the SkullSpace Slogan on it, which includes the "knowledge community technology" bit. You can order items with that branding here:

The other set of items is just the round cute skull logo. You can order items with that branding here:

We only added some basic items we thought members might enjoy. If there is anything in the full list of products cafepress offers that you would like with the SkullSpace branding on it, let us know by commenting on this post and we can add it to the store.