Friday 11 March 2011

Status update!


Alright, first off we should probably start with the business end of things. We’ve got a draft budget, as you probably know from the mailing list. Please note that this is an alpha draft that will likely change as we know numbers a little better. Our basic monthly operating budget will look something like this, though:


And our annual expenses will look something like this:

Annual Return (Companies Office)$25.00

And finally, our predicted income is the following:

Monthly Dues$14,400.00

That assumes a $40/month fee for members and 30 members. The grand total, if you add it all up, is ~$725 above per year. Our goal was to be slightly over the break-even point, so we are successful.

To emphasize one more time: this is only a draft budget. It may not reflect the ultimate reality.

Oh, and to help out with the "Merch" income, everybody should go buy something nice for themselves from our Cafepress Store!


Bylaws were voted in at the last meeting, and we'll be posting them as soon as they're "lawyered up".

We are currently enlisting people for the physical space design task force. We need the following items in the space, when we get it:
  • warm up food
    • Microwave
  • keep food cold
    • Fridge
  • make coffee
    • Coffee Maker and supplies
  • work at tables on laptops with wired internet
    • 4 tables and 16 chairs
    • network switch and a roll of cable+ends+crimper
  • work at couches on laptops with wireless internet
    • 2 couches
    • wifi ap
  • throw out garbage and recycling
    • garbage can
    • recycling bin
  • present talks
    • projector, screen
    • area we can re-arrange to make suitable for presentation/talk
  • listen to music
    • speakers
    • media centre/stereo/etc
  • side table to put your coffee cup on while hacking
    • 2 side tables
  • soldering station
    • workbench
    • soldering irons
  • access control
    • card access system
  • alarm
    • alarm system
  • safety stuff
    • fire extinguishers (2x abc dry chem, also should probably have a class D)
    • epic first aid kit
The budget, gear, and more are being actively discussed on the discussion mailing list - if you want more information (or if you have any questions/concerns/etc), please join the list!. Email and follow the instructions to subscribe! Go here for more information about our mailing lists, and here to read the archives.


We’re hosting an even on Saturday, March 19th, and anyone who wants to talk about their pet obsession is welcome to do so. Personally, I’ll be talking about the arduino, a platform which you all know I like a little too much. I’ve heard talk of sessions covering GIS mapping, as well as a previously undisclosed exploit for a vulnerability in Plone. This time, we'll be meeting at the Nutty Club Building (homeplace of at 130 Portage Avenue East (the big red door with the doorbell). Come on down and spend a Saturday learning with us! Bring your friends! For more details and directions, see our wiki post (we'll be updating it this weekend with full details)

And if you needed one more reason to come, we'll have free stickers to give away!

Inner-city youths

If anyone wants to help out some inner city youths, there’s a computer club looking for volunteers. Not only will you be able to teach kids some computer basics, you’ll be making a positive difference in the world! Anyone interested should email for the contact info!

That's about all for now. We'll be covering a bunch of details and physical space stuff at the meeting on Tuesday at 6pm, in a brand new location - our potential space on Bannatyne Ave (the small door between The Republic and the Peasant Cookery)!