Friday 28 January 2011

Andrew Orr is underwhelmed by string theory

Somewhere, in an alternate and equally expansive universe, a hackerspace did not receive a cupcake in the mail. Fortunately, we find ourselves in a dimension where baked goods arrive freely by post.

The cupcake hackathon saga continues, and we are proud to announce the successful receipt and subsequent unboxing of a foreign cupcake. It was a great success, but due to unexpected circumstances, the video will be up later today.

Today is also the day we take a look at Mr. Orr's Code Camp presentation.

Andrew will be giving a talk on hackerspaces, focusing on the movement in a global context as well as providing details on a few of the spaces themselves. The session will detail the purpose behind hackerspaces, the people they attract and the benefits provided to the surrounding community. The talk will elaborate on Winnipeg and the fledgling movement in our city, with the goal of introducing new members and fueling interest in Skullspace.

That's about all for right now, we'll let you get back to your regularly scheduled weekend activities!