Wednesday 26 January 2011

Ron Bowes appreciation station

Welcome to Wednesday morning in our beautiful, sunny city! As promised, there'll be info on the Code Camp presentations, but before that we have another announcement.

Ron Bowes and SkullSpace have taken first place in the Nightmare Before Charlie Brown's Christmas hacker challenge, put on by The Ethical Hacker Network.

Imagine the situation: Ron, Mak, Andrew, and Russ huddled around computers in Ron's spare room, our half-broken hub humming away, threatening to die at any moment. We were trying to learn how VoIP, or voice over IP, could be hacked, guided by the contest writeup. The whiteboard was covered in hastily drawn diagrams, and our computers chugged along with a variety of new tools.

Little by little, we whittled away at the problem, figuring out how the contest scenario unfolded. Eventually, things started clicking into place, and we knew every detail about the problem! So we wrote up our submission and sent it in, fingers crossed. Today, the results finally came in - we took first place for the best technical answer! The prize (a book signed by Ed Skoudis himself) will be the first book in SkullSpace's library!

So, after having bested the competition, Ron will be giving back to the community with a talk on security and the mistakes people make.

The codecamp talk is called "Stupid Mistakes Made By Smart People" the talk will cover topics from "tricking SQL Server into arguing with itself to time servers amplifying denial of service attacks, useless encryption in and PS3, and even an undisclosed loophole in a security camera that gives full access to anybody who tries." Winnipeg Code Camp takes place on Saturday, February 26. The exact time has yet to be announced, but we'll keep you updated and we hope to see you there!

For now, please enjoy these Japanese anatomical posters of godzilla-esque monsters: