Thursday 27 January 2011

Mak Kolybabi is probably up to no good

Continuing our series of posts concerning Winnipeg Code Camp, it's time to turn the spotlight (and our collective attention span, however short it may be) to Mak Kolybabi.

But first here's a picture of a bicycle:

Mak is currently employed by Tenable Network security as a vulnerability researcher. A self-described griefer, he got his start in chat rooms at the turn of the decade. Causing frustration and anger amongst less-skilled users got him into hacking, and he will be attempting to reconcile his cosmic karma by offering an informative talk on the Nmap security scanner.

The Code Camp session will "look at Nmap's past, present, and future, paying special attention to the embedded scripting language that's been the most important factor in Nmap's evolution, and how the community's contributions, particularly a group of Winnipeg programmers, have shaped Nmap's history."

Again, we'll update you with the exact time and date when they are announced. Until then you can hone your skills of tin-can construction by following this
link! [via /r/DIY]