Monday 24 January 2011

moving parts, codecamp and you

We know it’s not even the end of the month yet, but we’ve already moved our calendars ahead and are staring intently at the last week few weeks of February. Not only are we still (constantly) stoked on the materialization of a physical space, but Red River College (and a bunch of generous sponsors) are putting on a free coding event!

Winnipeg Code Camp is going down Saturday February 26h, and it’s looking to be fairly awesome. Featuring local technology experts (including all three of our founding members) topics will range from coding, networking and security to physical hackerspaces. If that hasn't convinced you, keep in mind the event is at the amazing downtown campus, includes free breakfast and lunch ... and is a stone's throw from the King's Head.

Over the next few days we’ll go over the topics SkullSpace is involved in (and who’s covering them), but for now we'll leave you with this page of useful GIFs of various mechanisms: